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2019 Classes


Class A: Porcupine Quill on Birch Bark Medallion


Instructor: Kathy Ervine

Skill Level: All Levels

Materials Fee: $55

Class Description: Porcupine quills– both natural white and dyed– are ‘stitched’ onto prepared birch bark discs. There will be a variety of patterns available to transfer onto the medallions, or you may bring your own.

Tools to Bring: Scissors, small hemostats (instructor will provide if needed).

Class Full

ContemporaryHoopBasket Elaine.JPG

Class C: Contemporary Hoop and Ribs Basket

Instructor: Elaine Twogood

Skill Level: All Levels

Materials Fee: $25

Class Description: Learn how to use a brace to help with shape and support as you weave. Students will create the frame for their basket using two 8” hoops held together with a “God’s Eye,” add round-reed ribs and weave using reed and other fibers.

Tools to Bring: Scissors, needle nose pliers, tape measure, awl, packing tool, clips, knife, pencil, spray bottle, towel, basin for soaking materials. Some basic tools will be available.

beginning wheat stitch Vicky.jpg

Class D: Beginning Pine Needle Basket


Instructor: Vicky Nickelson

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials Fee: $20

Class Description: This is a beginning pine needle coiled basket using the versatile Wheat and Fern Stitch. Students will learn how to start a pine needle coil around a prepared laser-cut cedar disc using faux sinew for stitching. 

Tools to Bring: Scissors and a thimble.

A task light is also recommended– cordless please!

Class Full

Wicker Weaves-Kay.jpeg

Class E: Wicker Weaves


Instructor: Kay Harradine

Skill Level: All Levels

Materials Fee: $25

Class Description: Focus on shaping and control, using “power weaves.” All levels are welcome– beginners will learn wicker basics by making a fruit bowl; more experienced weavers will exercise their creativity through choices in color, pattern and shape.

Students will make a shapely basket with dyed and natural round reed, approximately 8” wide by 10” tall.

Bring a photo or sample of your wicker work if you have one.

Tools to Bring: Small bucket, towel, sharp basket scissors, awl, pocketknife,

pencil, Band-Aid.

If you have a copy of a Flo Hoppe book, bring that too!

Class Full


Class F: MAMFOK Means To Weave

Instructor: Roquin-Jon Siongc

Skill Level: All Levels

Materials Fee: $30.00

4 hours (choose morning or afternoon)

Class Description: Chamoru weaver Roquin-Jon Siongco will guide you to weave with fresh palm leaves (Cocos nucifera), using techniques found throughout the Pacific, where weaving is an integral part of life. You will explore a few approaches using this material, and leave with a fresh woven basket!

All necessary tools supplied by teacher.

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